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HBA News - Getting Ready for the Enterprise Bargaining Round 2014

Do you have limited Agency resources available to prepare for and conduct the next round of Enterprise Bargaining?

Do you need to clarify where you sit within the APS market as you begin to develop your strategy and priorities for bargaining?

Just not sure how and where to start with bargaining?

...then you should read on...

  • With the 2014 Christmas and New Year period becoming a distant memory for most, our minds turn to business as usual as well as the next round of Enterprise Bargaining.
  • With most EA’s ending in June 2014, there is a lot of work involved in preparing and engaging in the bargaining process.
  • And with what we expect to be the imminent release of the new Bargaining Parameters for the APS, it’s an ideal time to consider how you are going to resource and conduct the process.
  • HBA Consulting has developed some new products and services that can help APS organisations to prepare for and manage the bargaining process.
  • These are:
  • A data base of all current Federal Government Enterprise Agreements. This database replaces the former ‘hard copy’ APS Compendium that has been produced by HBA Consulting for almost a decade. In this new form, we are able to target specific information for Agencies and provide you with a tailored report to assist you in benchmarking your position in relation to other relevant organisations across almost any set of terms and conditions required. We can simply provide data or work with you to provide analysis on the data and what it means.
  • Structured guidance on all stages of the APS Enterprise Bargaining process. This comprehensive ‘how to’ guidance sets out all steps in the process, and enables Agencies to ensure that they have structured and are conducting their EA process in accordance with policy and industrial requirements. It also enables the development of a ‘partnership’ style arrangement to the bargaining process that uses a mixture of HBA Consulting and increasingly scarce Agency resources to undertake bargaining from start to finish.
  • Current State Assessment’ service which takes the current Agency EA, independently tests it against the Fair Work Act provisions including the National Employment Standards with regard to recent interpretive decisions in the Commission and the relevant APS employment policies, frameworks and procedures to provide an evidence based starting point for EA strategy development and the Agency management bargaining position

If you would like to find out more about these new HBA Consulting products and services and how they can help you prepare for your next Enterprise Agreement.

Please contact

Gary Champion Principal

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