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Jan Byers Senior Consultant

Jan Byers has more than 15 years’ experience at the senior management level in both the government and private sector. This has given her exceptional ability and understanding in both strategic and operational HR.

She has over 7 years’ experience as a consultant working with all levels of government on various operational challenges across a broad range of industry sectors. She is an experienced HR consultant who works closely with her clients to help them achieve informed and strategic business decisions. Jan Byers has a strong track record in the design, review and implementation of the key HR and IR building blocks of successful organisations including:

  • facilitating resolution of workplace relationships difficulties/grievances,
  • structural reviews,
  • business processes,
  • workforce design

With broad industry experience across defence, health, primary, secondary and tertiary education, aviation services, finance and regulatory sectors, Jan has worked with federal and state government departments and agencies.

Consulting Expertise

Organisational reviews

  • Conducted a review of existing administrative support and proposed alternative administrative support models to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of this work for a federal government agency. The workforce included highly technical staff and the issues to be addressed were historical and sensitive. Jan led a process that successfully proposed and have accepted a model that was able to achieve the agency’s goals, without any existing staff member becoming redundant.
  • Conducted an organisational review for a federal government agency involved in health and vocational rehabilitation to address a potential change to a GBE. The change in status did not eventuate, due to a change in Government, but a number of the recommendations were accepted to assist in providing more efficient services and reduce costs.
  • Business reforms and process improvement

  • Process review for a federal government agency involved in health and vocational rehabilitation delivering services to the public. The process review was to address new government policy and its implementation. The proposed processes were accepted and I was involved in the implementation of the processes and subsequent refinements.
  • Workplace Investigations

  • Led a large number of complex and sensitive workplace investigations across Federal, State and private sector organisations.

Recent Assignments

During the past 6 months, Jan Byers has undertaken assignments with:

  • Department of Defence
  • Defence Materiel Organisation
  • Airservices Australia
  • Learning Academy

Education / accreditation

  • Bachelor of Business, Monash University
  • Graduate Diploma, Organisational Development, Southern Cross University
  • Graduate Diploma, Marketing, University of Technology Sydney


29 Somerville,
PH : 02 6247 4490