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Continuous Improvement - The role of Organizational Reviews

Understanding The Structural Reviews and its Process

In order to achieve organizational goals, organizations structure their business activities and allocate their human resources at a point in time. Often, this fundamental link between structure and strategy is not revisited in a holistic way for a long time. More often, minor 'tweaks' are made via mini structural reviews that might be driven by funding changes or other external factors. These ad hoc adjustments can mean that what was once a logical, efficient and effective organizational structure is now compromised. In these circumstances, results often suffer in a negative way. Rather than respond to changing resourcing or business requirements by adopting a 'knee jerk' style response, HBA Consulting recommends that organizations take apparent small changes to structures and functions as an opportunity to undertake a holistic structural review prior to making any changes.

Organizational Review Process starts with gaining clarity around current organizational performance, the intended problems to be fixed or resourcing model to be applied, and then begin a careful structural review involving a 'form follows function' or 'structure follows strategy' style of approach. Structural reviews can identify options for improvement - often beginning with a 'blue sky' structural option that is based on 'if we were building this now, knowing what we know about how the structures have operated to date' what would it look like?

These changes need to take into careful account the organisational culture and industrial relations realities of the organization - employees and the teams must be engaged and consulted with appropriately.

Structural reviews can involve engagement and data collection processes that involve approaches such as:

  • Workshops to develop collective understanding, unique methodologies, new policies etc.
  • Surveys (to be conducted anonymously) in order to repair damaged employee relations, also to determine the several areas of concern.
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Benchmarking


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