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Key Considerations for A Tailored Business Resumption Plan for your Organisation


    For our clients in the Australian Public Service, the recent advice from the APS Commissioner in relation to the easing of restrictions and the return of employees to the workplace places a clear onus on Agency Heads and their leadership teams to develop and implement a plan that works for each Agency. As we have been encouraging all employers to do since the COVID-19 restrictions commenced, there has been a need to understand what is working, what isn't, and to begin to plan for 'disruption resumption'. Accepting that it is unlikely you will go back to the same operating environment as was in place before this all began and that many employees are likely to have an increased desire for flexibility which as an employer, you have a prime opportunity to maximise. Some of the key areas that need to be considered in developing a plan for resumption include:

    1. the legislative and industrial obligations and parameters
    2. the workforce capabilities and what roles work best from the workplace and what can work effectively 'from anywhere'
    3. the policy and decision-making framework to allow managers and employees to understand and operate consistently when making decisions about roles and whether they return to the workplace or remain operating remotely
    4. how this framework can be communicated to the workforce
    5. how any disputes about role-based location decisions can be quickly and professionally addressed.

    If you would like to discuss your needs and how we can assist you to plan and implement a tailored business resumption plan for your organisation, contact Gary Champion on 02 62474490 or 0419401250.


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