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HBA Consulting Solutions: A Fast Track to your Business Success

HBA Consulting has offices located in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. We specialise in the provision of practical human resource management and industrial relations advice and assistance to a wide range of private and public-sector organisations.

Since commencing operations in 1995, HBA has grown form a company with a primary focus on industrial relations, to one that can now provide a wide range of HR and IR advice and services.

We are increasingly asked to provide an ‘on demand ’ service to our clients – many of whom don’t need ‘high end’ HR capability within their organisations on a daily basis but do need to know that if they need this type of help, its available, affordable and is exceptionally responsive – especially when a crisis arises without warning.

Under these types of ‘on demand’ arrangements, HBA Consulting can provide your organisation with assistance and advice relating to:

  • HR advice and assistance, including policy and procedural matters, employment documentation and ad hoc HR queries and complaints.
  • Industrial relations matters, including Award interpretation and application, review and resolution of queries and disputes relating to terms and conditions of employment, pay and Award related issues.

We also can help your organisation with workplace investigations and mediation services when you need them and have a part-time industrial lawyer available to assist with legal matters as well.

The Breadth and Depth of Our Capability

We do have a broad HR and IR capability within the company and would draw on this to assist HR clients where ever they might be, from a Human Resource Management team in Melbourne, to regional managers in Queensland or NSW.

To help paint a picture for our clients of the breadth and nature of our service profile, we have developed the following table summarise to try to set out in a simple, easy to read form, the key capabilities and services of HBA Consulting:

Practice Area Description Key Elements
People Planning, Analysis and Reporting The process of shaping the workforce to ensure that it is capable of delivering organisational objectives and business continuity now and in the future.
  • HR planning – direction setting and integrating HR practice areas
  • Workforce forecasting
  • Workforce and capability profiling
  • Succession planning/development and mobility
  • Workforce data and analysis
Industrial Relations The framework and processes used to manage the employment relationship and to develop and maintain a streamlined entitlements and conditions system.
  • Employment framework, arrangements and contracts
  • Communication and consultation framework
  • Remuneration and conditions strategy
  • Grievance and dispute resolution
  • Review of administrative decisions.
Recruitment and Placement The process of sourcing and selecting people efficiently and effectively to fill employment vacancies and capability gaps.
  • Recruitment policy and planning
  • Recruitment and selection process design and review
  • Development and management of contracts for recruitment service provision.
Workplace Health and Safety The ongoing management of the health, safety and welfare of employees at work.
  • Workplace safety consultative and governance structures and operations
  • Workers Compensation premium reduction strategies
  • Personal injury case management advice
Workplace Diversity The practices and approach of taking account of, and utilising, personal differences to improve organisational performance.
  • Workplace diversity awareness and education programs
  • Workplace diversity planning and strategy development and implementation
Managing and Recognising Performance The framework and mechanism that aligns individual objectives with business unit objectives, provides recognition for employees in terms of advancement and promotion and incentives for those who achieve business unit objectives. It also allows for the management of underperformance.
  • Design, implement and evaluate performance management systems and policies
  • Incentives and recognition programs
  • Managing underperformance
Learning and Development The process of identifying development needs at all levels and providing programs to develop skills and knowledge to bridge gaps in skills or behavioural requirements.
  • Development, implementation and evaluation of Learning and Development programs
  • Budgeting and cost benefit analysis of Learning & Development programs
  • Linking Performance Management and Learning and Development processes

If you would like to find out more about any or all of our HR Services, Please Contact us:

  • Gary Champion, Principal, HBA Consulting on 02 62474490, 0419401250 or


29 Somerville,
PH : 02 6247 4490