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What are the typical scenarios where HBA Consulting work clients on HR Policy Development assignments?

    HBA Consulting is brought into work with clients on HR policy development and review assignments for a range of reasons, including:

    • Start up of a new entity, where a completely new policy suite is required to be developed comply with legislative and ‘better practice’ needs, as well as the type and directions of the business;
    • Legislation is changed, and an existing policy needs to be reviewed to ensure compliance;
    • Disputation around the interpretations and application of a policy makes it problematic and in need of review to improve the structure and composition to minimize ambiguity
    • Revision to align with new Enterprise Agreement terms and conditions following a bargaining process and prior to implementation.

    We initially spend time with a client to ensure that we understand their needs

    Using the example of a needing to undertake HR policy development to align with a new Enterprise Agreement, we would typically approach such an assignment by initially undertaking a ‘current state assessment’ – mapping the existing policy suite to the old and proposed new EA, to identify changes between the two sets of terms and conditions. We would then identify the Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) policies that align with the new EA in order to ensure that we clearly understand the areas where change is required.

    Set out simply, we would approach this type of assignment by:

    • Undertaking a ‘current state’ analysis of the proposed draft EA to identify where content has been removed or streamlined and referenced as now being in policy;
    • An assessment of the policies that require attention and the scope of the changes required to ensure alignment and clarity of content;
    • The implementation of a program to ensure that all policy changes are completed efficiently and effectively and in line with the EA implementation timetable;
    • An estimate of the time and cost required to undertake the identified revisions.

    Our Approach

    Based on our understanding of the client specific requirements, we would then suggest the best approach for this assignment.

    • As an example, the key components that are typically included in an HR Policy Development and Review process are:

    HR Policy Management

    Our Experience

    All of HBA Consulting's HR Policy Development and Review team are highly experienced, former senior level HR and IR practitioners and managers. They have developed, implemented, reviewed and evaluated a broad and deep range of HR policies and procedures in both the public and private sectors.

    We know the pitfalls for organization’s when their HR policy development is not properly planned for and delivered. We understand how to create and test HR policy before implementation to ensure that potential ambiguity and risks are identified, considered and addressed.

    If you would like to discuss your HR Policy Development needs, please contact:


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