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3 Times When Only Hiring an HR Consultant Will Do For Your Organisation

Its usual for businesses in the 'start-up' phase to begin by looking after everything themselves as during the early days costs need to be tightly managed, staff numbers are often small and the scale of operations is usually limited.

However, eventually every business grows and changes, and so does its needs and employment related risks. And this is the phase where it often becomes difficult for organisations to keep a proper focus on what's happening 'in' the business at the same time as thinking about working 'on' the business. In order to be flexible, adapt to change quickly and to predict and address key employment risks, your expanding business or company may need the counsel and support of an HR consultant.

Let's glance at some typical situations where a growing business might benefit from an early call to a professional HR consultant for assistance.

Staffing at an increasing rate

There are times when your business is growing at a fast pace and you require to take on more workers to manage the operations. This may increase the workload on the existing HR department and prevent them from focusing on core activities. An outsourced HR professional helps your company through the recruitment process while saving your time and money.

You are losing talent

As much as it is important to hire the best people for your company, it can be challenging to keep them. A trained HR professional can not only help you acquire the best talent but provide you with an effective retention strategy.

You are lacking strategic direction

A new start-up, small business can often put off thinking long term because it's always focused on the here and now. Even mature organisations can fall into this trap. Outsourcing assistance and advice about HR strategy to a human resource management expert can help get the longer term picture clearer while still ensuring that the day to day issues are dealt with.

If these situations sound familiar to you, HBA Consulting can assist you with working through the specific needs of your business and developing a practical, sensible and achievable solution.


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