Designing, implementing evaluation the organisational employment framework, provide IR advice.

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Workplace investigations can often be complex and difficult to manage within any organisation

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HBA Consulting has a broad and deep history in the provision of practical, professional

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Mediation and
Dispute resolution

Workplace relationships can sometimes encounter difficulties that, at

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Senior Executive

Finding the right senior executive for your organisation is one of the biggest decisions

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Welcome to Our Work Place Relations & Human Resource Consultancy

For over two and a half decades, HBA Consulting has been a leading provider of HR advice and assistance in the Australian employment landscape, meeting the diverse needs of the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors. Throughout this extensive period, our operations have witnessed substantial shifts in Human Resource Management (HRM) and ongoing industrial reforms. A pivotal aspect of these reforms has been the imperative for workplaces to seamlessly integrate HR and business strategy within the broader spectrum of HR functions and organisational design.

Recognising this evolving requirement, HBA Consulting has proactively responded by diversifying our service portfolio. We now offer an extensive array of Human Resource consulting services aimed at facilitating a cohesive integration of HR strategy with overall organisational objectives. This strategic expansion goes beyond our roots in Canberra, as we have strategically placed consultants in key locations in NSW, Qld and Victoria. This geographical expansion underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive HR solutions nationwide, meeting the dynamic needs of organisations in the ever-evolving employment landscape.

Our Perspective on Human Resource Management

The composition of HR elements is frequently unclear. HBA HR works within an HR Practice Area Framework, adapted from prior work conducted by the Australian National Audit Office, to describe and prescribe the comprehensive nature of HR management.

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The HBA Team

Our team of highly experienced HR Consultants possess a wide-ranging and profound set of modern skills, expertise, and experience in all aspects of HR. Our emphasis is on delivering practical and cost-effective guidance and support to our clients.

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