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Workplace Relations Training & Consulting

For more information about how HBA Consulting can assist you with Workplace Relations related issues, please contact:

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HBA Consulting has a strong, long established history in the provision of Workplace Relations advice and assistance in the ACT and surrounding region. HBA's work in this field has also broadened across Australia as our reputation for clear, concise and pragmatic advice on workplace and industrial relations matters has spread. HBA Consulting has assisted organisations in establishing and negotiating over 300 agreements (whether they be Certified Agreements, Collective Agreements or Enterprise Agreements) since the company was first established in 1995.

HBA can assist your organisation by:

  • Conducting workshops and training programs on the Fair Work Act 2009 and the practical implications for managers, members of workplace relations committees, HR practitioners, or employees generally. This ‘independent advisor’ approach enables participants to be sure that they are getting all the facts.
  • Working with your senior management group in identifying and determining the strategic, tactical and operational issues to be considered in preparing for the negotiation of a new Enterprise Agreement/s and, just as importantly, how they need to prepare for them to be implemented from Day 1.
  • Assessing your organisation's existing, 'template' or draft agreements and recommending changes to ensure compliance with the governing frameworks. This is especially important in the context of the current Federal Government’s Workplace Bargaining policy.
  • Providing information sessions designed to assist employees who have self-nominated as individual bargaining representatives, to fully participate in the bargaining process.

Established Training Workshops
Managers/HR Professionals Workshop

Issues covered in our Workshop for Managers and HR professionals include:

Overview :

  • The background to the Fair Work Act and its underpinning principles
  • The existing framework of tribunals and their roles
  • Complying with the National Employment Standards
  • The agreement making process
  • Role of bargaining representatives
  • Maximising your bargaining position through staff communication
  • Managing Industrial action, dispute resolution and unfair dismissal during bargaining
  • Termination of agreements
  • The Government's policy parameters for agreement making.

Enterprise Bargaining at the Strategic Level

This Workshop is highly interactive and makes use of Round Table and Panel discussions with experts in the field, to develop practical and strategically sound approaches to the employment framework that can be applied within your organisation.

These workshops are available upon request at an off-site training venue. The Workshops can also be made available as an in-house course if an employer has 10 or more participants.

Establishing a HR Governance Framework that aligns with business needs

HR is often criticised for organising itself and its services without proper initial and ongoing relationship to the business of the organisation that it’s supporting and what it’s trying to deliver.. We have found that sometimes this criticism is valid, and sometimes it’s just that the HR function isn’t communicating effectively with the business on what it’s providing to it. Often this disconnect stems from an ineffectual, incomplete (and sometimes nonexistent) HR Governance framework. We have an established methodology that is able to quickly and holistically test the current HR Governance arrangements and identify areas for improvement or development, to enable HR to deliver on what the organisation requires of it, and to allow the business to see how the expected performance is being delivered over time.

Staff Workplace Bargaining Information Sessions

These information sessions are designed to provide staff with a clear and complete overview of the current bargaining policy and processes, including the Fair Work Act and the National Employment Standards (NES).

These sessions are held on-site within an employer's training facilities and are scheduled to run for approximately 2 hours

Bargaining Representative Information Session

The Bargaining Representative Information sessions are designed to ensure all parties at the bargaining table are equipped to participate in a productive and cooperative manner. This workshop works particularly well where organisations are seeking a collaborative and constructive approach to enterprise bargaining and desire a minimum standard of knowledge at the bargaining table in order for the parties to fully participate in the process. The session topics are targeted to self-nominated bargaining representative within an organisation and covers issues such as:

  • An overview of the legislative framework under which enterprise bargaining exists;
  • Agreement types and content requirements;
  • A brief overview of the National Employment Standards;
  • where relevant - discussion on the Australian Public Service Bargaining Parameters;
  • The process of bargaining under the Fair Work Act;
  • Roles and responsibilities of bargaining representatives;
  • Discussion on good faith bargaining;
  • The ingredients required for effective negotiations;
  • Disputation during bargaining; and
  • Enterprise Agreement approval process.

Organisations may request to further tailor this session to the specific needs of their attendees.

Presenters and advisers

Our workshop and information training sessions have been developed by HBA Consulting in response to feedback from our clients. Each program is presented by senior consultants of HBA who between them bring over 60 years’ experience in 'hands on' workplace and industrial relations and senior management in the public sector.

Other Topics?

HBA Consulting can tailor any program to the needs of your organisation and are ready to discuss with you any alternative Workplace Relations training requirements you may have,