Workplace investigations

For more information about how HBA Consulting can assist you with Workplace Investigations related issues, please contact:

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Workplace Investigations

  • Even in the best performing work teams, issues can arise that require independent assessment and advice when employee behaviours go outside what is considered appropriate.
  • When this occurs, the reasons can often be multi-layered and extremely complex to deal with and are almost inevitably impacted on by the past history, personalities, relationships and cultures within the workplace. Because of the realities of these types of circumstances, and in order to maintain a degree of impartiality, many organisations have found that the best way to resolve these situations when they arise is to engage an external, independent workplace investigator.
  • HBA Consulting has for more than 10 years provided a dedicated workplace investigations service, assisting organisations in this area and has a team of experienced investigators able to respond quickly to these types of needs when they occur in an organisation.
  • Because of our extensive experience in not only workplace investigations but also broader HR and IR matters that can impact on the process and final outcomes, HBA is able to offer the highest levels of professionalism and experience when undertaking an investigation, delivering workable and pragmatic outcomes from the process. It also minimises risk through the maintenance of a strict quality control system, with all investigation reports being subjected to rigorous internal peer review prior to finalisation to ensure the highest standard is maintained.

HBA Workplace Investigations includes a range of services such as:

Investigation of discipline and APS/ACTPS and private sector Code of Conduct matters – including workplace bullying and harassment issues.

Investigation of underperformance, grievances and harassment issues.
Provision of an independent Chairing for review panels.
Provision of workplace conciliation and mediation services.
Advice in relation to the implementation and management of the outcomes from investigative processes.

HBA Consulting is on a range of public sector Workplace Investigations panels and HR Service panels – for more information please contact Gary Champion at or 02 62474490.