Workforce Restructuring

Workforce Restructuring

Why do organisations undertake workforce restructuring?

  • Workforce restructuring is a reality for all businesses over time, as they adjust to changing service demands, customer expectations, technological impacts on work practices and processes and changing economic circumstances.
  • For many businesses, the biggest challenge of any changes to their business model is how to manage the impact on their employees. Employees can be impacted by:
  • Across the board budgetary reductions;
    Targeted reductions to some of the products or services undertaken by the organisation;
    Technological change that impacts on the numbers of staff required to perform both ‘front’ and ‘back’ of house functions;
    Mergers of organisations which means that a range of functions and services may be duplicated or have substantial overlaps, especially in the corporate and administrative support functions.

What can HBA offer organisations that are restructuring their workforce?

HBA Consulting applies a ‘structure follows strategy’ approach to working through the implications of changes to business strategy as they impact on the workforce. In summary, this approach begins with the mapping of the changes in organisational strategy between the current operating arrangements and the future proposed model. Once this is confirmed, the requisite organisational structural option(s) can be developed to support the future operational needs. The agreed preferred future structure is then mapped to the existing structure and the quantum of the workforce change established, confirmed and agreed.

A workforce change management plan is then developed. The breadth and depth of the experience and HR knowledge of all HBA Consulting means that the design and implementation advice associated with the change management plan will take into account all of the critical factors that will determine success, including:

Industrial requirements and obligations (e.g. Fair Work Act/NES, Award/Enterprise Agreement, individual contracts);
Organisational service delivery and financial management requirements;
Risk identification and mitigation;
Stakeholder management and communication planning;
Transitional project planning
Organisational and individual performance management adjustments;
Change management evaluation. framework

Our advice and assistance spans the strategic, tactical and operational elements of the restructuring process, meaning that our approach provides clients with a holistic approach that ensures that the strategic objectives of the workforce change are implementable at the operational level.

For more information about HBA Consulting’s workforce restructuring services, please contact:
Gary Champion
HBA Consulting
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