Human Resource Management

Strategic Human Resource Management

  • HBA Consulting offers a dedicated Human Resource Management consulting service - HBA HR. This complements the established industrial relations and workplace investigations services we provide to clients.

    HBA HR offers an extensive range of HR advisory services to organisations in both the public and private sectors. The service is underpinned by the broad and deep experience of all of our consultants, which enables us to bring to all of our assignment a high level of experience and professionalism, with a strong focus on delivering quality advice and assistance to our clients.

    HBA HR has experience in, and are able to assist your organisation across a range of human resource topics including:

  • Strategic, tactical and operational HR planning linked to business outcomes.
    Undertake organisational structure reviews to identify opportunities to re-align resources with future business directions and resourcing realities.
    Managing difficult or complex employment situations. We can provide advice and assistance to employers when they are confronted with urgent or difficult employment related circumstances.
    Corporate governance reviews.
    Review and/or redesign of your organisations establishment structure, to facilitate efficient and effective financial, delegation and workforce planning outcomes.
    Development and review of work level standards and classification structures.
    HR policy & procedures review & development across all HR practice areas, including the development and alignment of policies to support your Enterprise Agreement implementation strategy.
    Performance Management system development and review. .

Staff Surveys

HBA HR has a strategic alliance with Piazza Research, the ACT's first only Market Research Company to achieve ISO 20252 Quality accreditation, to provide a range of qualitative and quantitative HR research services, including staff, customer satisfaction and issues based 'pulse' surveys.

Strategic Human Resource Management

HBA Consulting has a strategic partnership with CAMMS. CAMMS develops, implements and supports its own world leading integrated suite of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business intelligence (BI) solutions to enable enterprises to plan, execute and drive their business from strategy to reality.

Systemisation of these linkages and the ability to draw together existing data to offer clients an 'end to end' solution to a range of business and HR related needs is at the heart of the CAMMS software. It enables organisations to:

Link, report and analyse business strategy with individual performance agreements and work plans.
Measure individual contributions to overall corporate objectives and outcomes progressively throughout the financial year.

Whether you’re a start-up looking for robust HR strategy to set your business up for growth or a large business with several administrative operations to deal with, we can assist you with just about any HR need. With our offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, we are able to efficiently help companies located anywhere in Australia.