Services We Provide

Specialist workplace relations services.A client list of over 80 organisations in the public and private sectors.Strategic planningIntegrating employment framework with business plans.Human Resource Management strategyA whole of organisational approach to the most expensive contract for most employers - their employees..Employment frameworksDesigning and varying your employment framework.Agreement-makingPlanning, development, negotiation & implementation . Direct involvement in the development of enterprise agreements, and common law contracts.Classification review and performance managementReviews, redesign, education, implementation.Workplace InvestigationsExperienced investigators with a strong background in workplace investigations and dealing with complex and sensitive issues.Workplace relations Relations and HR related trainingOver 12,500 government sector participants to date.Research and monitoringInformation, analysis and industrial audits. Research products used by over 60 organizations

HBA Human Resource Consulting Services - Our Company Profile

Our Company

HBA is a Canberra based HR consulting services firm that has operated for over eighteen years and specialises in the provision of professional advice and assistance on Human Resource Management and Workplace Relations matters. HBA consulting services operates across a range of clients in both the public and private sectors.

Our People

HBA consultants have extensive, practical experience in HR and Workplace Relations gained through their current and former roles as HR and Workplace Relations consultants and senior management representatives. Our consultants collectively have decades of high-end experience in public and private sector employment matters and have a detailed knowledge of the historical and emerging employment frameworks federally and at the organisational level.

What We Do

We are engaged widely (by over 70 Commonwealth/ACTPS agencies and several private sector organisations) in all aspects of human resource management, human resource process review and improvement, workplace relations and workplace conciliation and mediation advice and support, ranging from strategic planning, the review of current HR policy frameworks and policy documentation, drafting work place agreements and related documentation, the consultation processes with staff and their representatives and in the implementation of workable employment arrangements.

A Brief Summary of Our Range of Advisory Services

Human Resource Management Advice and Assistance

HBA Consulting has a broad and deep history in the provision of practical, professional and experience based HR advice and assistance to public and private sector organisations across Australia. We take our proven tailor methodologies, apply them using our years of HR experience and tailor our approach to meet the specific human resource management circumstances of the organisations that we work with. Whether it's people management strategies designed to harness the skills, knowledge and experience of your people, maximising the performance of your organisation through its people and planning arrangements or the review and development of organisational structures to ensure there is a strong link between your organisations purpose and goals and what it expects from it's people, HBA Consulting is uniquely placed to assist.

Using a proven set of systems and methodologies to underpin all of our HR advice and assistance, HBA Consultants work with our clients on each of our assignments to:

  • Explore and understand the issues, concerns and outcomes sought
  • Identify the risks and opportunities that might be presented or that need to be considered
  • Develop options for action and confirm their relative value to the organisation in terms of the short and longer term operational benefits
  • Assist with implementation and reporting steps to deliver on the planned outcomes.

We have a holistic view of HR which links 9 core HR 'practice areas' through an integrated framework of components, measures and deliverables. We use this framework when working with our clients to begin many of our consulting assignments to ensure that we begin with a clear and agreed baseline – and with a shared view of the scope and interaction of all HR elements.

We have specialised expertise in all areas of general HR including:

  • Human Resource strategy development and review.
  • Performance management systems review and re-design.
  • Succession planning.
  • Workforce planning – design and review.
  • Job design.
  • Job classification and Work level standards design and review,

Workplace Relations

HBA Consulting have an enviable reputation for the provision of advice and assistance to public and private sector organisations in relation to the practical implementation of the Fair Work Act 2009 at the workplace level and offer our clients a total workplace relations service. Our consultants have been involved in the development and implementation of more than 330 Enterprise, Collective & Certified agreements in roles that require:

  • Direct bargaining experience;
  • Working with staff and line managers to implement workplace change;
  • The development of strategic approaches that link agreement-making and implementation with performance management and business outcomes.

Whether your organisation needs assistance with an industrial disputation, advice on an Awards or Enterprise Agreements, assistance in developing a relevant bargaining agenda targeted to your organisations needs or practical advice on the Fair Work Act, HBA Consulting can provide the support you need.

Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations can often be complex and difficult to manage within any organisation no matter how large or small the employer. HBA Consulting offers an independent Workplace Investigations service specifically aimed at assisting employers with this sometimes complex and difficult situation.

The HBA Consultants involved in workplace investigations are very experienced in this area of human resource management and are committed to conducting investigation in a timely and discrete manner.

Organisational and Individual Performance Management

Effective performance management ensures that your organisation is operating at its optimal level providing the greatest opportunity to achieve results. When applied properly it can also improve the culture of an organisation and the morale of staff. Therefore, it is critical that, starting with the organisational performance framework and linking into the individual performance agreements for all staff, the associated processes are clear, properly structured, well understood and actively used within your organisation. HBA Consulting offer clients the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive review of their organisational and individual performance management frameworks and tools, and providing them with practical options for improvement.

The Performance Management evaluation methodology used by HBA Consulting has been internally developed by our experienced team, and can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each organisation. HBA Consulting does not believe in 'one size fits all' answers. Experience tells us that arrangements that work for one organisation may not meet the needs of another. Our recommendations take account sound HR foundations and principles, relevant policy and best practice and are always tailored to the client's particular circumstances and needs.

HBA Research Services and Products

HBA Consulting has undertaken a number of human resource and industrial related research projects as requested by various clients and are available to undertake dedicated research targeted to your organisations requirements on a range of industrial relations and employment matters, whether enterprise specific or industry-wide in application. We have an up to date Access data base of all current Federal Government Enterprise Agreements which enables us to provide quick and individually tailored reports/benchmarking for all Federal Government employers in relation to current trends in specific terms and conditions of employment and how their organisation currently compares.

HBA also undertakes independent research with the preparation of information products providing contemporary analysis on remuneration and employment issues in various industry sectors.

Workplace Mediation

Workplace relationships can sometimes encounter difficulties that, at times, seem insurmountable. HBA Consulting provides specialised workplace mediation services that work with the organisation and the parties involved to seek to understand the issues of concern, identify options for improvement or resolution and then seek to establish a workable solution that enables those involved to move forward positively.