PGPA Act Implementation - Building internal arrangements to support its operation

  • The PGPA Act commenced operations from 1 July 2015. This Act replaces the former FMA and CAC Acts, which were the Commonwealth financial management frameworks for many years.

    The following diagram provides a high level conceptual overview of the Commonwealth Resource Management Framework.

The new framework means that Agencies will have to carefully consider and implement a set of financial arrangements that aligns wit and complies with the requirements of the Act.

Key to this compliance will be:

  • Clear, relevant and measurable corporate objectives and KPI's
  • Financial and business planning that has clear linkages to the corporate planning measures and objectives
  • Clear and robust operational financial and business reporting
  • Management and Executive reporting that provides a 'single point of the truth' in terms of performance to plan.

HBA Consulting has established a business partnership with the Australian based CAMMS Group. CAMMS has a proven suite of business intelligence and reporting tools that are ideally suited to support the development of quality corporate plans, and then to link them to meaningful and robust report systems to support the requirements of the PGPA Act.

CAMMS develops, implements and supports a world leading integrated suite of Enterprise Performance Management and Business intelligence solutions to enable enterprises to plan, execute and drive their business from strategy to reality.

Commonwealth Resource Management Framework Companion

Established in Australia in 1996, CAMMS has grown significantly to become an international company with clients and offices located in Australia, New Zealand, North America, Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom.

CAMMS was recently identified by Gartner as a leader in Corporate Performance Management solutions. In 2015 CAMMS was recognised as a Cool Vendor for Risk Management based on the Cool Vendors in Risk Management, 2015 Report by John A. Wheeler at Gartner, Inc.

CAMMS market leading software solutions are consistently attracting new clients and receiving glowing reviews -primarily because of our unique product offering in the marketplace and proven results across a variety of verticals. CAMMS believes in building long-term partnerships and has a history of delivering the highest quality of service to clients to ensure intelligent performance.

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