Organisational and individual performance

Organisational and Individual Performance Management

  • The design and implementation of an integrated performance management system that links organisational output and outcomes with individual performance is a critical element of every organisation’s organisational and people performance framework.

    The core components of most performance management arrangements include:

    • coverage of all employees.
    • guidance for salary movement.
    • linkage to organisational and business goals and the maintenance of the corporate values.
    • provision to employees of a clear statement of performance expectations through a performance agreement.
    • a requirement to track performance against expectations and provide feedback on achievements and areas for improvement
    • a final overall assessment of achievement against expectations.

    The ability of organisations to effectively and consistently manage the establishment and assessment of performance expectations is therefore critical to not only the achievement of business outcomes but also the extent to which good performers can be attracted and retained within an organisation.

    Further to this, most public and private sector organisations require a minimum of a ‘satisfactory’ rating prior to any salary movement within a classification and/or broadband. An inconsistent or poorly constructed and operated performance management system can therefore undermine the establishment and maintenance of a culture of good performance and lead to inconsistent remunerative and performance recognition and reward outcomes.

HBA Consulting Performance Management Services can provide your organisation with expert assistance in:

analysis of the current organisational planning and performance management systems and the extent to which these provide the requisite clarity in relation to objectives and outcomes to enable an individual performance management system to operate efficiently and effectively across the organisation.
reviewing existing individual performance management frameworks, policies, procedures, guidelines and training arrangements to identifying strategic, tactical and operational issues and targeted recommendations for improvement.

Organisational and Individual Performance

In order evaluate and manage performance over time, efficient and effective systems need to be developed to support organisations and people. CAMMS Management Solutions develops, implements and supports its own world leading integrated suite of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business intelligence (BI) solutions to enable enterprises to plan, execute and drive their business from strategy to reality.

HBA has developed this strategic relationship to enable it to offer clients an 'end to end' solution to the challenge of systematising, creating, managing and evaluating a clear 'line of sight' relationship between corporate strategy, annual business planning, required achievements against goals and objectives and the individual work programs for all of its employees.