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Assisting Organisations to Develop and Implement ‘Fit For Purpose’ Industrial Relations Outcomes for their business.

  • HBA Consulting is a firm with a long established history and proven track record for the design and delivery of professional and practical Industrial Relations advice and assistance across the public and private sectors in the ACT and a range of other jurisdictions. HBA's reputation for its work on complex industrial and workplace matters has reached many organisations across Australia, with the regularity of repeat business for us from organisations that we have assisted previously being a key indicator for us of our success. Our clients often refer us to their colleagues for practical, solutions focused advice on industrial relations matters. We have an enviable track record of assistance with Enterprise Agreement making, having assisted over 330 agreements (whether they be Certified Agreements, Collective Agreements or Enterprise Agreements) since the company was first established in 1995.

Training Nominated Bargaining Representatives

From our experience, to get the best possible start to the bargaining process each organisation should invest a little time and money in ensuring that everyone involved is on the ‘same page’ in terms of what the process needs to ‘look and feel like’. To facilitate this start up process, HBA Consulting has developed a 2-3 hour workshop that enables management, staff and union representatives to explore the bargaining process, timelines and relevant legislative and policy issues to ensure that they understand the context for the process that they are embarking on. These sessions, from our experience, work best when they are held just prior to the first bargaining meeting, and when they involve all parties to the process.
The key components that are covered in this interactive workshop include:

Setting the scene

  • What is the Fair Work Act and what are its its underpinning principles
    Understanding and complying with the National Employment Standards
    The Enterprise Agreement making processes, procedures and checks and balances

Understanding the process

  • What is the role of bargaining representatives?
    The key role of communications in any successful bargaining process
    What types of industrial action is possible, what does it mean and how can it be managed?
    How do you terminate an Agreement?
    What’s involved in implementing a new EA?

Engaging with Your Employees – Employee

Information Sessions

HBA Consulting have designed and delivered a range of targeted information sessions for a range of organisations that have been designed to provide staff with a basic understanding of the Fair Work Act, their rights and obligations (and those of the employer) under the Act with respect to agreement making, and an overview of the bargaining process itself – especially timeframes, ‘good faith bargaining; and what happens with the existing EA while this occurs (and what happens if there is a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote at the conclusion of bargaining. These sessions are particularly useful when conducted at about the time that the ‘Notice of Employee Representational Rights’ are issued by an employer to commence the bargaining process.

These sessions can are typically be held on-site within an employer's training facilities or off site if suitable facilities aren’t accessible and are scheduled to run for up to 2 hours.

'Experienced Advisers and Presenters’

Our industrial relations advice, assistance and training workshops have been developed by HBA Consulting in to assist our client organisations to begin the bargaining process in the best possible position to achieve a workable result. All of the senior consultants working with HBA have broad and deep HR and IR experience, with decades of 'hands on' industrial relations and senior management in the public sector and private sectors.

Do We Provide Tailored HR and IR Training on other Topics?

The short answer is ‘yes’. HBA Consulting design, refine and deliver tailored program designed to meet the specific needs of your organisation. We would be happy to discuss with you any HR or IR training requirements you may have.