Human Resource Specialists

Human Resources Specialists

HBA Consultants have decades of HR experience across a wide range of public and private sector human resource management contexts. This means that they are able to bring to each and every assignment practical, implementable ideas and options that can be tailored to the specifics of individual workplaces and situations and the human resource management realities that they operate within.

Using our proven ‘HR practice area’ framework as a basis for diagnosing human resources issues and then identifying integrated solutions, HBA consultants can undertake a ‘current state’ assessment of the overall human resource operating environment or a specific segment of operations, and provide options for improvement. Our assessment against this framework allows our HR specialists to develop evidence based options for improvement or change that meet the specific needs of the situation at hand.

Using this evidence base to inform decision making around options, risks and implementation challenges, the most efficient and effective option(s) can be identified, and an implementation plan created that maximises the likelihood of the requisite changes or improvements achieving their intended outcomes. It is the ability to not only identify opportunities for improvement, but to also be able to translate these into practical, deliverable outcomes that makes HBA Consulting’s advice so valuable to our clients.