Human Resource Planning, Training & Recruitment

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Human Resource Planning

Human resource planning is the process that links the human resource needs of an organisation to its strategic plan. The intent of this planning process is to ensure that the human resource structures, processes, policies, procedures and operations are aligned and resourced to support the achievement of the organisation's objectives.

Human resource planning is increasingly becoming a recognised as a vital organisational element for maintaining a competitive advantage and reducing employee turnover, but has often been disconnected from business strategy.

Using HBA Consulting's robust 9 element 'Human Resource practice areas framework, we can assist organisations to:

  • identify the strengths of their current HR planning frameworks;
  • identify any gaps in coverage or content
  • develop a holistic HR plan linked to business outcomes.

The application of the practice area framework means that a holistic consideration of the potential human resource implications required in order to efficiently and effectively support business objectives and deliverables is undertaken.

From this assessment, the resultant human resource priorities can be attributed to the right component(s) of the human resource team, because the assessment aligns the human resource requirements to support business outcomes with the core functions of human resource management. This means that the identified priorities can be clearly attributed to those within the human resource function with the accountability and responsibility for their delivery. It also provides a clear basis for consideration of any resourcing implications flowing from the assessment.

Human Resources Training Programs

HR Practitioners Boot Camp

Become the acknowledged HR expert to your business areas.

HBA HR is shortly to launch of our HR Practitioners Boot Camp. This program will provide HR professionals with:

  • The knowledge to provide HR advice with confidence, clarity and influence;
  • Practical ideas on HR initiatives that can be immediately applied to the workplace; and
  • The skills to become a trusted adviser to the business areas within your organisation.

The program is structured as a series of half and one day workshops and will cover all nine Human Resource 'practice areas':

  • people lanning, analysis and reporting
  • performance management;
  • learning development;
  • recruitment;
  • culture and values;
  • industrial relations;
  • work health and safety;
  • workplace diversity
  • HR service delivery

The suite of workshops has been designed so that participants can either complete the entire program or elect workshops as stand-alone training.

A key outcome from attendance at one or more of these training programs will be that not only will human resource practitioners learn more about the specific topic of the workshop, but they will also come away with an high level understanding of how the human resource management practice areas that HBA Consulting uses to underpin much of its HR work, can be used to better plan and manage the delivery of quality, properly aligned human resource services and outcomes to the business that they work in.

Industrial Relations training

We have also developed a comprehensive training programs for management, union and staff bargaining representatives that is delivered to the group prior to the commencement of the bargaining round. This program provides all participants with exposure to key elements of the bargaining process, such as:

  • The Fair Work Act as it relates to bargaining
  • The government bargaining policies (as adjusted from time to time)
  • The key components of the bargaining process
  • What is 'good faith' bargaining and what does it mean for the process?
  • Conducting bargaining meetings
  • Concluding bargaining
  • Industrial disputation and the bargaining process
  • What happens if the agreement is voted up?
  • What happens if it is voted down?