Facilitation Consulting

Facilitation Services

HBA Consulting has extensive experience and expertise in the design and delivery of facilitation consulting to a broad and deep range of public and private sector clients.

Our previous facilitation assignments have included:

  • planning and working party facilitations
  • staff consultative forums
  • stakeholder consultation groups
  • organisational change workshops
  • focus group sessions
  • training programs

As an example of how we approach the design and implementation of facilitated processes, the following table summarises the approach used by HBA Consulting when invited to conduct a series of more than 10 focus groups from staff from a large public sector organisation, in order to elicit an improved organisational understanding of specific poor recent results in the latest organisational staff survey.

Review Stage Key Stage Elements Stage Deliverables
  • Project Initiation and Data Analysis
  • Establishment of an agreed approach to the Focus Groups, review data from pulse survey and identify key themes.
  • Confirm timeframes, roles and responsibilities for the conduct of the Focus Groups.
  • High level Project Plan, including timeframes, deliverables and responsibilities.
  • Identification and confirmation with Department of key themes from pulse survey.
  • Focus Group Content, Communication and Process Design
  • Using agree key themes identify in previous stage, develop and agree discussion points for the Focus Groups.
  • Develop and agree Focus Group process.
  • Confirm communication methodology, content and timing.
  • Agreed stakeholder communications
  • Communicate with stakeholders
  • Confirm participants in Focus Groups
  • Finalise Focus Group content and process
  • Conduct of Focus Groups*
  • Confirm participation details with all Focus Group participants
  • Conduct Focus Groups
  • Send confirming information in relation to focus Group process to each participant.
  • Complete all Focus Groups
  • Consolidation, Analysis and Synthesis of Findings
  • Distil and consolidate key issues and opportunities for improvement identified through the Focus Group process
  • Distil and consolidate key issues and opportunities for improvement identified through the Focus Group process
  • Development of Final Summary of Outcomes & Opportunities for Improvement
  • Consider feedback on draft report
  • Revise and complete final report
  • Final Report