Enterprise Agreement

Enterprise Bargaining Agreement

HBA Consulting can assist organisations 'negotiate' the bargaining process from start to finish. The following table provides a summary sample of how we can assist public sector organisations. We can obviously tailor this approach to support private sector and 'not for profit' organisations as well.

Key Agreement Making Stages Ley Process Steps in the Stage

Review the existing organisational Agreement(s).

Review the current Agreement to identify changes necessary to ensure compliance with minimum FW Act / NES requirements and applicable Australian Government workplace relations policies;

  • This process typically identifies various issues / options on which the employer will need to make a decision regarding its preferred approach.

Establish and confirm the ORGANISATION's Bargaining position

Decisions in relation to:

  • The organisational position on issues identified in step 1;
  • its overall bargaining position, including objectives; productivity initiatives to fund pay increases; the quantum of pay increases to be provided under the agreement.
Identification of specific transitional employment requirements

Identification of non-SES employees on AWAs and develop a position on transitioning such employees to the proposed new enterprise bargaining agreement. (if required)

Training the bargaining team

Training of the Agency management team for the negotiating process, and possibly other staff bargaining representatives (as required).

Establish base line draft Agreement for negotiation

Finalise a first Draft document (reflecting at least, changes for compliance with NES / FW Act and Government policy; and possibly also other management proposals for the new enterprise agreement) ' to be issued at the commencement of bargaining.

Issuing of Notice

Issue the required Notice of Employee Representational Rights.

Undertake Negotiations

Assist with the planning for and progress of the negotiations – in accordance with good faith bargaining requirements etc. HBA recommends that this process is undertaken by the appropriate management representatives from the organisation. HBA can assist with pre and post bargaining meeting briefings.

Resolve any transitional employment arrangements

Finalise arrangements / documentation in respect of any non-SES employees on AWAs (if required)

Completion of staff consideration and voting procedural steps in accordance with Fair Work Act and public sector bargaining requirements

Once agreement is reached: undertake steps as per Fair Work Act outlined above prior to conducting the vote; organise the vote.

Agreement lodgement and approval processes

If the agreement is endorsed as a result of the vote, apply to Fair Work Australia for approval (as previously outlined).