Corporate Governance

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Corporate Governance Consulting

HBA Consulting provides and independent assessment of the existing corporate governance arrangements within organisations. When undertaking these types of assignments within the public sector environment, we focus on the following key governance elements.

Key Governance Elements

  • Clear strategy development and implementation

    This requires regular and meaningful planning processes, that focus on linking strategic and operational planning, delineating accountability and responsibility within the organisational structure and defining how roles and responsibilities are aligned to these structures and outcomes.

  • Actively creating and sustaining the culture to support the business outcomes

    This demands strong, visible and consistent leadership and integrity that is reinforced by day to day actions and behaviours, executive oversight and ownership of strategic decisions, embodiment of leadership principles in the behaviours rewarded and reinforced in the business, conduct and values that are constantly engaged with and encouraged, and employee engagement with the directions of the organisation and its performance over time against these directions.

  • Active Stakeholder Relations

    A strong focus on active to communication and a constant commitment to maintaining and growing the organisational reputation, actively working effectively across organisational structural boundaries to improve service (internally and externally).

  • Engaging with performance

    Through a strong commitment to performance monitoring and evaluation systems and process, develop, analyse and respond to performance outcomes against plan at both an individual and organisational level, as well as regularly checking progress using a transparent and properly structured performance reporting framework.

  • Meeting compliance and accountability obligations

    This involves understanding, accepting and meeting statutory and other requirements, through processes such as audit, delegation of authority, and having policies, processes and plans to manage finances, risk, human resources, as well as ethical, equal opportunity, occupational health and safety and record keeping obligations.

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