Change Management

Change Management

HBA Consulting structures its approach to change management assignments using a proven model that examines 4 key components:

  • Organisation,
  • people,
  • process and
  • technology

The initial 'Current State' of the organization or work group preparing for the proposed change involves making a detailed assessment against each of these components to capture firm base line data to begin the scoping of the proposed change management requirements.

An assessment of the proposed ''future state' that describes as clearly as possible the way in which the organisation or work group will look when the change is fully implemented and is in place is then undertaken using the same 4 key components as were used in the 'current state' assessment step.

The third step involves the development of a 'gap analysis' of the differences between the 'current state' assessment and the 'future state' assessment against each of the 4 key components.

This gap analysis provides the basis for the development of a detailed change management plan and related project plan that details the sequence and priority of the change agenda in order to deliver the required 'future state' organisation or work group.